How do clients pay with a QR code?

Once an appointment has been completed, there are a number of payment methods available to choose from. 

For your client to pay by QR code, please follow these steps:

  1. Once you get to Checkout, select QR code as the payment method.
  2. Click Show QR code.
  3. While the invoice is being created, do not close the browser/app. 
  4. A QR will appear on your screen. 
  5. Ask the client to scan the QR code using their phone camera to pay securely.
  6. The client securely enters their payment details. You will be notified when they are adding their card details and when the payment is processing.

If you want to cancel paying by QR code, click Options and Cancel card payment.

If the card payment fails, you can ask your client to try again or select a different payment method. 

PRO TIP: Set up an upfront payment or capture card details to take an upfront payment or secure your client’s payment information in advance, and charge a fee when clients cancel late or don’t show up.

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