How do I view a client’s appointment history?

You might need to look up a client’s appointment history for many reasons, including keeping track of what they’ve purchased and any preferences they may have. 

View a client's appointment history

  1. Go to Clients and select Client list
  2. Use the search bar to find the client whose appointment you want to view.
  3. Click on the client and select Activity.
  4. Use the filter in the top right-hand corner to select Appointments. 
  5. You can view a list of the client’s Past and Upcoming appointments.
  6. Select an appointment to view more details about it.

NOTE: You can also see the client's recent purchases and invoices under the Purchases tab on the client's profile.

PRO TIP: Add notes to your client’s profile at any time. Use the Important client info section under the three dots and Edit details to add important information such as allergies or hair colour preferences to the client card. Make sure the toggle enable.pngis on to display client notes on all bookings.


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