How do I manage my settings for online bookings?

The settings for your online bookings help you manage how far in advance an appointment can be booked, cancelled, or rescheduled as well as the email notifications your team will receive when a booking or change has been made.

To manage your settings:

  1. Go to Business settings and select Online booking.
  2. Set how far in advance clients can cancel or reschedule their appointment. After this timeframe, clients will need to call to change their appointment. This will display as a notification before the appointment is booked.
  3. Set how far in advance clients can book an appointment online (90% of online bookings are booked within a week unless it's a festive period).
  4. Setting your Time slot intervals controls the time slots available for online booking.
  5. Tick to specify if you'd like clients to be able to select their preferred team members.
  6. Add any Important info you’d like clients to see at checkout when booking an appointment or buying a voucher online.
  7. Under Online booking activity emails, you can choose how you and your team members receive emails when clients use online booking to book, reschedule or cancel an appointment. These emails are sent in addition to regular team notifications.
  8. You also have the option to show your featured services when clients book using Fresha marketplace or an online booking link. Click here to find out more about featured services.
  9. Enable Display star ratings for team members to show how great your team is by displaying average star ratings next to their names. It's proven to attract more clients!
  10. Save changes. 

PRO TIP: Clients can choose their preferred team members when booking online. You can book a preferred team member internally using the heart icon when creating an appointment.

NOTE: If your online bookings are showing no availability when there is, make sure your Settings specify how far in advance clients can book online.

PRO TIP: Most businesses opt for Immediately before start time to allow last-minute bookings where there is availability.

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