How do I top up my text message balance?

Fresha has introduced a free monthly balance for client text messages based on account activity to help cover your notification needs. You can choose how to send each type of client message: via text, email and in-app notification in your Automated messages. Email and in-app automated messages are free to send.

Your free monthly text message balance is topped up on the 1st of each month. For example, if your free text message balance is 100 text messages, and you use 90 of these in a month, your balance would be refilled back up to 100 text messages on the 1st of the month.

You can top up your text message balance automatically or by a set amount on the go, and any paid-for extra texts will stay in your balance until used.

If your text message balance is running low, follow the steps below to top up:

  1. Go to Business Settings to select Text messages.
  2. Here you can view how many text messages you have remaining for the rest of the month. The number is topped back up to meet your text balance quota on the 1st of every month.
  3. Click on Top up. If it’s your first time topping up, you’ll need to enter your billing details. No payments will be made at this stage. 
  4. Next, select your preferred top-up method. We recommend choosing Automatic top-ups to ensure your balance never runs out and your automated messages via texts keep sending. You can also select One-time purchase to cover your immediate text message needs. 
  5. If you selected Automatic top-ups, choose the number of text messages you wish to Top up by, and then define when the top-up should take place, labelled as When your balance drops to. For example, top up by 100 text messages once your balance reaches 10 texts remaining. The cost will only be deducted when your text balance hits that threshold, using your chosen payment method. 
  6. If you selected One-time purchase, simply enter the number of texts you wish to update your balance by. You can then view the total cost below and check your payment method is correct before clicking Pay.

NOTE: If you top up your balance, you can use this allowance for any length of time until they are used up. This is separate from your monthly free text balance, reset every month by Fresha.

NOTE: Confirm with card text messages are sent automatically by Fresha and are not deducted from your text message balance.

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